Lavender Bacteria Defender Functional Pads


  1. Lavender Sanitary Pad for Day
  2. Lavender Panty Liner
  3. Lavender Night
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Lavender Sanitary Pad for Day

The soft premium cottony surface with negative ions clears  the bacterial and viruses. By containing nano-silver, it also serve as a natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Lavender Panty Liner

A silky, soft  and flexible fit for an everyday use that helps to stay fresh all day.  Contain hydrogel for protection to trap fluid.

Lavender Night

The extra-long wider back sanitary pad for night has super absorbent hydrogen which keeps you dry and comfortable all night. Enhances circulation and modulates sleep to ensure the best night ever.



  1. Jocelyn

    In comparison to the traditional fibre or rough cotton surface, I like it that Lavender sanitary pad surface is made from softer, thinner and more comfortable sterilized cotton. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m wearing it.

  2. Michelle Wu

    Lavender is very effective in absorbing my period 🙂

  3. Anna Li

    This is better than other brands !

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