Hand Sanitizer

Pro.Care Hands Sanitizer is a Bio-based ethanol derived from renewable resources. Contain Allantoin (comfrey leaves extraction) which restores skin moisure, leaving skin soft and smooth. Non Rinse, Quick drying, Restores Skin Moisture and Proven efficacy to kill 99.9% bacteria and germs.

Rahsia Puteri

Pro.Care Rahsia Puteri is a natural formulation with a perfect blend of herbal extracts. It is specially designed for delicate cleansing of the intimate areas. it is also ideal for daily use to keep you clean and fresh as well as maintain the health of your intimate area


These silky soft light sanitary pads contain nano silver which removes noxious bacterium with its anti-bacterial negative ion strip. Infrared helps to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clot while the super absorbent polymer absorb liquid x3 without any side leakage